After 5 years of about 5% production work and 95% philosophical self-work, my first record of all-original music has finally been released. It would have been a much different production if not for the efforts of Tyler Bassett first and foremost, but the rest of the band was always incredibly patient and understanding about what I was/am trying to do: Jacob Wilkins, Chris Coash, and Sam Pilnick. A bunch of other people helped along the way, too: Garrett Gagnon, Paul Schaedig, Jack Livingstone, Theo Kuepfer, Ian Gorman, and Martin Klemm.

I’ve learned so much from this experience, and I look forward to beginning on the next album taking these lessons forward. It was incredible for me, as mainly a drummer and collaborative songwriter, to have had enough solo works to do this record and leave a few good ideas out for the next one. I’m really happy with the selections and flow on Sunrise/Set, we didn’t need to put more into it just for length.

With Studio 37 currently dedicated to my own works and remote collaborations, I am hoping to make good progress on the next Ents record over this winter. In the meantime, Guitar UP! is making good progress on a new EP with a little bit different twist than our first two works. Not sure when that will be done, but it will almost certainly be before the next Ents record!

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Ents project, whether you’ve come to our sparse shows in the past, or bought the record on Bandcamp, or shared good word-of-mouth about my work in general. I continue to feel blessed to be able to do my art and the work I love in this relatively small community full of musicians and supporters of the arts in general.