Hello, and thanks for stopping by!
I am a sound engineer and a drummer in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Over the past 30+ years I’ve played in many bands, written and released original music, collected sound gear for recording and live sound, worked as a live sound engineer and booking manager at a local venue, then as a studio engineer and assistant manager at the local university recording studio.

37.ENT has grown steadily alongside these experiences since 2001, and I was able to make it a full-time commitment in 2017. Please see the various page links for further specificity about my work history, what I am up to presently, and/or what I can provide as an independent contractor.

If you’re interested in working together, the best thing to do is contact me and setup a time to talk (the initial consultation is free of charge!) I think it’s important to talk through any project and see what your goals are and how we can achieve them within whatever limitations we might have to do it. I am always excited to create, help others create, and get people’s messages heard.

I hope to hear from you!

Bryan Heany

Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra's community concert

Byron Center Percussion concert & livestream

2024 Fretboard Festival (see gallery below)

NYE 2023 at KNAC, Kalamazoo

KNAC New Year's Eve

NYE 2023 set up for DJ Cheddar Bob at Beer Exchange

NYE 2023 setup for DJ Cheddar Bob at Beer Exchange

Beats on Bates, Kalamazoo

Beats on Bates, Kalamazoo

Live Sound at Stetson Chapel, K College

First United Methodist Church

SWMI1st MiX Design Day

SWMI1st MiX Design Day

Jazz at KNAC Crawlspace

Jazz at KNAC Crawlspace

Corporate Event at WMU

Corporate Event

Ongoing Projects

Don’s A/V Outpost, open 3p-7p Mondays, and by appointment

Fretboard Festival curation – Fretboard Festival website

2023 Fretboard Festival youtube playlist

2022 Fretboard Festival youtube playlist

WIDR-FM Reel-to-Reel archive transfers (interviews with bands from the late 1970’s – 1990’s)

First United Methodist Church of Kalamazoo, live stream every Sunday

2024 Calendar

April   9 – Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra at First Presbyterian Church, A/V production for concert with world premiere composition performance

April 19 – Byron Center Percussion Ensemble performance at Van Singel Fine Arts Center, concert audio recording

April 24 – Gilmore Piano Festival: Opening night party with Kevin Paul at Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, 9pm, live sound

April 26 – Gilmore Piano Festival: Gabriel Kahane at Wellspring Theater, 7:30pm, live sound

April 28 – Gilmore Piano Festival: Counterpoint (Conrad Tao & Caleb Teicher) at Williams Theater, 2pm, live sound


2024 Fretboard Festival

Bryan Heany is the Producer/Curator of the Kalamazoo Valley Museum’s annual Fretboard Festival since 2019.
Showing some of the microphone, monitor, stage audio set up, and behind-the-scenes livestream production.
Thanks so much to Fran Dwight and Ken Campbell for the pics.
Read the Local Spins article and see more photos here.