Way back in January I rekindled my interest in a brochure for 37.ENT.  It’s difficult to put into one small document, all that I have to offer for sound work and other services.  I wound up working with Boiling Pot Media, run by James Valeii.  We met about the brochure idea, and another acquaintance, Simon Borst, was also there.  I knew Simon was a visual artist, but I hadn’t seen any of his work. Simon did an excellent job translating the many references I sent him into an original artistic representation, besides helping select the pertinent details and doing a fine job with the text layout. I hope it is enjoyable to look at, and gives enough information about what all I do to get the reader to start up a conversation with me about their project requiring audio. I take my work very seriously, but I enjoy it and have a good time doing it. I think that is well-represented when the brochure is taken in whole. Check it out here, and feel free to let me know what you think!  Perhaps I can help you out with something that you didn’t know was within my skillset.    : )