For Sale

Bryan Heany:


Used Musical and Audio Equipment for Sale

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The following four items are listed here with pictures:

$100 – Alesis AI3 – 8 channel AD / DA (TRS in/out, ADAT Lightpipe in/out), 48kHz samplerate.

$100 – Alesis Quadraverb reverb unit

$150 – Yamaha REV500 reverb unit

$150 – Klark-Teknik DN800 crossover

1/4″ Reel-to-Reel Tape — Good condition leftovers from a transfer project. Mostly “Audiotape” brand 1867LN. Multiple sections 5 minutes or longer at 15 IPS. I anticipate that this would be used for testing a machine, or doing loops, or whatever when you don’t want to use the greatest tape for something. Other tape varieties available as well, but nothing well-known. No shed problems with these tapes during the transfers. Price negotiable on the tape. Reels are sold at market rates or you supply. Just looking to get this stuff to a good home. Please inquire via email.