Sound Engineer

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I do several kinds of sound engineering work:

Live Sound: system rental & engineering (typically as a package deal)

Recording: studio or live multi-tracking, stereo captures, editing, mixing, media transfers

Assistance: I enjoy working with other engineers in most any capacity

Consultations: Thinking about a PA or recording system, event systems and logistics, or need help troubleshooting your system?

Lessons: Beginning to intermediate level topics in analog and digital audio, studio recording, and live sound.


Press and mentions regarding my audio work: JoeCo.Co.UK, Secondwave Media, Overneath Creative Collective, Fretboard Festival, Mlive, CHUNKmedia


Recording Credits

Hundreds of recitals, audition/competition sessions, and live sound board recordings

Hundreds of reel to reel, cassette, and vinyl media digitization / CD transfers

Engineer and founder of WIDR-FM’s “The Basement Show“, 2008-2012 (Multitrack recording mixed live to broadcast; At least 150 live band episodes) -Still- every Monday on 89.1FM in Kalamazoo (, just produced by other people now.

Engineer of solo piano concerts for the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival since 2010, and other Gilmore piano concerts as needed.

Albums in progress: Missing Generation, Proclamation Brass, 37.ENT

Completed Albums and EP’s (stuff people released that you can buy somehow):

Guitar Up! – Liquid Sunshine – (Mix)

Brass Band of Battle Creek – Battle Creek Transit Authority – (Assistant Engineer)

Ahmed Anzaldua – Carteles (The music of Miguel Bernal Jiminez) – (Record, Mix, Master)

Coalescence Percussion Duo – (Alter)Nations – (Record, Mix) – (Press: WMUK Radio)

Charlie Burgess – Amsterdam – (Record, Mix)

Elizabeth Start – Fused Art – (Record, Mix, Master)

The Gathering Band – Bread of Life – (Record, Mix, Master)

Sinker – S/T EP – (Record, Mix)

WMU Chorale – Ex Corde: From the Heart – (Record, Mix)

WMU Jazz Orchestra – Travel Notes – (Record, Mix)

WMU Marching Band – 2012 Season in Review – (Record, Mix)

The Bridge Band – Live at Louie’s – (Record, Mix)

Who Hit John? – Great Recession Blues – (Record, Mix)

Rachel Eid-Ries – Fragrance – (Record, Mix)

Nwe Spryghts – Assembling Door – (Record, Mix)

War Dogs of the Pacific – Publish or Perish – (Record, Mix)

Elizabeth Start – Alone and with Viol Thoughts – (Record, Mix)

Eve Kelly – Patron Saint of Alcoholics – (Record, Mix)

Carolyn Koebel – selections from Kzoo Community Rhythm Project Vol.1 – (Record)

Mondale! – Robots Gone Wild – (Record, Mix, Master)

Cassendre Xavier – Live at the Kraftbrau – (Record)


Non-Album/EP Tracks & Et Cetera audio my clients made available:

John Griffin – Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said(Record, Mix, Master)

Red Sea Pedestrians – One Mile Wide, Let Me Go (Record, Live Sound)

Mac Hultmark – Most of the content on Mac’s site comes from our sessions at WSS – (Record, Mix, Master)

In The Beginning There Was Light – Documentary film by P.A. Straubinger for which I recorded Ladislav Hanka doing English translation voice-over.